Cladding FAQs

How can I get hold of Silvadec® cladding products?
Our products are distributed by wood and building materials dealers. We don't sell directly to individuals.
Feel free to complete our form for your specific project, so we can put you in touch with our nearest partner company to your location.

How does the colour of outdoor boards hold up over time? Does the product fade to grey?
Our product does not fade to grey over time; it has long-lasting colour. A natural and temporary bronzing processoccurs with the first exposure to UV, due to the presence of wood flour in the products. This light bronzing fades after a few weeks of exposure. Subsequently, the wood composite stabilises to almost its original colour and develops a slight patina over time.

Can Silvadec® wood composite be toxic?
Our product contains no heavy metals and does not release any toxic product.

What is the life expectancy of a Silvadec® wood composite board?
Our composite is particularly resistant and durable. It is guaranteed for 25 years against termites and fungal growth.

What is the exact thickness of the Silvadec® wood composite cladding boards?
Our composite open rhombus cladding boards have a thickness of 30 mm (+/- 2 mm).

What is “open rhombus" cladding?
Open rhombus cladding is cladding that allows daylight to pass between the boards.

What kind of applications is Silvadec cladding intended for?
The Atmosphere cladding is intended for collective housing developments, private houses and the non-residential sector.

In which direction should the cladding boards be installed?
Our open rhombus cladding boards can be arranged horizontally or vertically.