Emotion mono-extruded deck board

made in France & Germany
Product guaranteed
Respect for the environment
Smooth Emotion deck board Savannah brown, 138mm SILAM0901
Smooth Emotion deck board Equator brown, 138mm SILAM0902
138 (w) x 23 (d) x 4000 (l) mm
+ Points

Unique and exclusive design

Authentic and warm grain

No treatment required


Does not fade to grey like solid wood

European Leader

Play the exclusivity card! 

Thanks to our exclusive production process, every Emotion deck board has a unique appearance. The shade variations of our Emotion deck board are dyed into the mass, and therefore durable over time. Choosing our Emotion wood composite deck board means opting for exclusivity and a limited edition! Its shades, close to those of exotic wood and reinforced by a smooth finish, provide a natural and authentic appeal.


Smooth Emotion deck board Savannah brown, 138mm SILAM0901


Smooth Emotion deck board Equator brown, 138mm SILAM0902

Smooth Emotion deck board Savannah brown, 138mm SILAM0901
Smooth Emotion deck board Savannah brown, 138mm SILAM0901

The + of Emotion smooth composite wood decking

Build on its warm grain

The smooth finish of our Emotion composite wood decking boards provides real comfort, especially on bare feet. In the sun, you'll appreciate the golden sheen of our composite wood boards. The unique Emotion wood composite decking is available in light (Savannah) and dark (Equator) browns. As the seasons change, the variations in colour remain and your decking remains as beautiful and warm as ever.


Install Emotion planks on your balconies, terraces or pool towers.

Slip-resistant, easy to maintain and child-friendly, our Emotion composite decking is ideal for dressing up your balcony or patio projects.  

Choose the Ecuador brown colour for its exotic feel. With its light colour, the Emotion Savannah Brown composite wood decking is ideal for barefoot. Indeed, light coloured decking boards are very comfortable, their temperature in the sun equivalent to that of an exotic wood. They are the ideal boards to install as a pool deck. They are not affected by chlorine, salt or pool maintenance products and are very resistant to barefoot sliding.

Fruit of an exclusive Silvadec technology, French manufacturing

Emotion decking boards are solid boards manufactured using a extrusion process. Like all our monoextruded wood composite decking boards, they have unique qualities of durability and ease of installation.They are easy to work with, just like solid wood. Choosing Emotion decking boards means opting for an exceptional, French-made composite wood with exclusive aesthetics. 

Easy to maintain without treatment 

This composite wood decking has the advantage of being imputrescible and durable, without treatment. Only cleaning your deck at least once a year is necessary to keep it in good condition. This cleaning can be done simply with standard household equipment and products (brush broom and soapy water).

Deck board made of two thirds of wood

Perfectly natural and temporary, a tanning phenomenon will cause Elegance boards to turn golden when first exposed to UV light. After a few weeks outdoors, under the action of UV and rain, they will return to as close to their original colour as possible.

The associated accessories

Accessories associated with Emotion smooth decking

Our Smooth Emotion decking board is compatible with all of our mounting and finishing accessories (including lighting options). 

  • Fitting accessories: composite wood or aluminium joists; clips (simple, removable, start and end and finger jointing); special composite screws. 
  • Finishing accessories: finishing boards and skirts; aluminium angle iron; anti-slip insert.

This selection of accessories makes it easy to install your composite wood decking and allows you to personalise your project with details that will make all the difference!


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