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Legal notices and website conditions of use

By continuing to browse this website, you unreservedly accept the following provisions and conditions of use.
The current online version of these conditions of use is the only enforceable version, throughout the period in which the website is used and until this version is replaced by a new one.

Article 1 – Legal information


Website, original French (hereinafter “the site”):

Configurator (hereinafter “ the configurator ”):

  • decking:
  • fencing:


Publisher (hereinafter “the publisher”): Silvadec
Parc d’Activite de l’Estuaire
56190 ARZAL
RCS Vannes B 439 689 639
Telephone number: +33 (0)
Fax: +33 (0)
Email address: info[@]
Publishing director: Bénédicte Jézéquel

1.3 Design, creation and hosting


Design, creation

VUPAR | 11 Rue Paul Pélisson, 44000 Nantes, France

Development, maintenance, hosting

GroupLive | Route de Pliant, 56880 PLOEREN, France

Maintenance Configurator

Linaïa SAS | 1, rue Bonne Nouvelle, 35000 Rennes, France


Icodia | 2, Rue de l’Erbonière – 35510 Cesson-Sévigné, France

Article 2 – Website access

The website is open for anyone to access. Site access and use are reserved for strictly personal (non-professional) purposes. You hereby agree that you shall not use this website, or the information and/or data it contains, for commercial, political or advertising purposes or for any kind of commercial solicitation, notably the sending of unsolicited e-mails.

Article 3 – Website and configurator content

All the trademarks, photographs, text, comments, images, illustrations, images (still or moving), video sequences, sound, and all computer applications that may be used to enable the operation of the website and configurator, and more generally all the elements reproduced or used on the website or the configurator, are protected by the current laws in effect on intellectual property.

Photo credits to © note_yn – // © Yves Berrier // © Samuel Bigot // © Franck Betermin

These items are fully and exclusively owned by the publisher or its partners. Any reproduction, representation, use or modification, by any process or on any medium whatsoever, of all or part of this information including computer applications, is strictly prohibited unless the publisher has given prior written consent. If the publisher does not initiate proceedings as soon as it becomes aware of such unauthorised use(s), this shall not imply acceptance or non-prosecution of said use(s).

Article 4 – Website and configurator management

To ensure good management of the website and the configurator, the publisher may at any time:

  • Suspend, interrupt or restrict access to all or part of the website and configurator, and/or reserve access to some or all parts of the website and configurator for a specific category of internet user;
  • Delete all information that may disrupt these web spaces’ operation or that contravenes “Netiquette” rules or national or international laws;
  • Suspend the website and configurator in order to perform updates.

Article 5 – Liability

The publisher shall not be held liable in the event of a failure, breakdown, functionality problem or interruption that prevents access to the website and configurator or to one or more of its features.

The user is entirely responsible for the equipment they use for connecting to the website and configurator. As a user, you must take all appropriate steps to protect your equipment, and notably your data, from viral attacks via the internet. Moreover, you are solely responsible for selecting which websites and data you consult.

The publisher shall not be held liable in the event of legal action against you, arising from:

  • Your use of the website and configurator or of any service accessed using the internet;
  • Your failure to adhere to these general conditions.

The publisher shall not be liable for damage caused to you, to third parties and/or to your equipment as a result of your accessing or using the website and configurator, and you hereby waive any legal action on such grounds against the publisher.

If the publisher finds itself subject to amicable or legal proceedings due to your use of the website and configurator, it may subsequently pursue you to obtain compensation for all harms, sums, penalties and fees potentially arising from this procedure.

Article 6 – Hypertext links

You are strictly prohibited from creating hypertext links to all or part of the website, unless the publisher’s prior written permission has been sought by email and granted.

The publisher is free to refuse this permission without having to give any explanation for its decision. If the publisher grants this permission, it is always temporary and may be withdrawn at any time, with no requirement for the publisher to explain why.

A hypertext link must in all cases be removed at the publisher’s simple request.
Any information accessible via a link to other websites is beyond the control of the publisher, who declines all liability regarding the content of external sites.

Article 7 –  Protection of personal data

The information collected in the forms on the website ( and, is recorded in an electronic file by Silvadec SAS for its exclusive use, and particularly to process users’ requests for information and/or cost estimates. These details are recorded in the publisher’s client file.

7.1 Personal data collected within the European Union

The personal data we collect are held for 5 years and are to be used by the marketing department and the sales department registered in the European Union.

Users will only be asked to provide data that are strictly necessary for preparing a cost estimate corresponding to the items they need.

7.2 Personal data collected outside the European Union

Silvadec has IT resources to be used for managing orders and cost estimate requests coming from outside the European Union.

The recorded information is to be used only by the department(s) concerned, and shall not be divulged to the following parties :Silvadec export stockists and commercial partners in the export area.

Some of these addressees are based outside the European Union, especially the following:

• Partners in a particular geographical area
• Hauliers, and DHL in particular for sending packages/samples
• Customs

These addressees will receive the following information: last name, first name, postal address, email address, telephone number, project description.

These data are only to be transmitted to addressees outside the European Union for the purpose of managing orders and cost estimate requests.

The country receiving the data provides a suitable level of protection, and guarantees have been put in place to ensure sufficient protection of personal data.

7.3 Permission to access personal data

In accordance with the  French Data Protection Act, you may exercise your right to access and correct the data Silvadec holds about you by contacting  the GDPR Steering Committee (Comité de Pilotage RGPD), at, 21 Parc de l’Estuaire, 56190 ARZAL – France

France has a “do not call” list called Bloctel, for blocking unsolicited phone calls. Consumers can register by visiting

7.4 Data portability

Since France established its Law for a Digital Republic on 17 October 2016, consumers also have a data portability right; you can ask Silvadec to transfer you all the data we hold about you, on a long-lasting medium, so that this information can be passed to another service company.

7.5 Personal data if the individual concerned dies

It is also possible for you to organise what will happen to your personal data after your death, by providing us with instructions about passing on your data, particularly the name of the person responsible for managing your digital legacy.

For security reasons and to prevent any fraudulent requests, such requests must be accompanied by an identification document. Once the request has been dealt with, the ID document will be destroyed.

7.6 Transmission of personal data to third parties

Data that you send us shall not be sold or rented to third parties for commercial purposes.
However, certain information collected from you may be communicated to third-party subcontractors in order to carry out your design project.

7.7 Consent and specific website features

In cases where certain information must be provided in order to access specific features of the site, the publisher shall make this mandatory aspect clear at the point of data entry.

Article 8 – Cookies

The website may automatically collect standard information. All information collected indirectly shall be used only to monitor the volume, type and configuration of the traffic using the website, with a view to enhancing the site design and layout, and for other administrative and scheduling purposes, and in general to improve the service we provide to you.

As such, the user may choose not to accept cookies by setting up their browser as follows:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher:

1. Go to the   “ Tools ” menu, then   “ Internet Options ”.
2. Click on the   “ Confidentiality ” tab.
3. Use the mouse cursor to select the desired level.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5:

1. Go to the   “ Tools ” menu, then   “ Internet Options ”.
2. Click on the   “ Security ” tab.
3. Select “ Internet ” then   “ Custom Level ”.
4. In the “ Cookies ” section, select your preferred option.

For Netscape 6.X and 7. X:

1. Go to the “ Edit ” menu and choose > “Preferences ”.
2. Confidentiality and Security.
3. Cookies.

For Firefox:

1. Go to the “ Tools ” menu and choose > “Options ”.
2. Click on the “ Privacy ” option.

For Safari 3.x, if using Mac OS X:

1. Go to the “ Edit ” menu.
2. Click the “ Preferences ” option.
3. Click the “ Security ” option.
4. Click “ Show Cookies ”.

Article 9 – Applicable law

These conditions for using the website are governed by French law, and are subject to the jurisdiction of the common law courts, unless a specific authority is allocated as a result of a specific legal text or regulation.

Article 10 – Contact us

If you have any questions or would like information about the products presented on the website, or regarding the website itself, you can email us at the following address: info[@]