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Thinking about your project 

Are you ready to go ahead with your decking or fencing outdoor design project?
Do you wish to put cladding on your building exterior?
There are some key questions... let us guide you to the answers you need! 

What are the recommended administrative formalities?

Before starting any work, please consult the urban planning department in your local area.

Expand the possibilities!

Immerse yourself in our pages... be inspired, and discover different styles of decoration and mood, and colour combinations for products and accessories. 


Selecting your material

Mono-extruded or co-extruded composite boards, or aluminium ones? We offer you a variety of solutions for your outdoor design.

Choose the best option for your project! 

Learn all about our composite board solutions  

Our solutions for aluminium fencing and doors

Choose the product that suits your project

Discover our products in the showroom 

  • We don't sell our products directly to individuals, but we have an extensive distribution network (of specialists in wood and construction materials).
  • The stockist for your region will be able to  identify the distributor(s) with stock of the product(s) you are interested in , and located nearest to you. contact the stockist for your region contact us.

Designing your project

Is your project taking shape? Have you chosen the equipment you wish to install?
You can now move on to preparing and creating your project before putting it into practice.

You intend to install the items yourself

Configure your project and estimate the budget  

Obtain a cost estimate

Ready to buy your Silvadec equipment? 

  • Find the nearest, most appropriate sales outlet for your project.
    • The stockist for your region will identify the distributor best placed to fulfil your requirements, and located nearest to you. The stockist will send them your request.

You would like to bring in a professional to install your project 


Installation advice

Find all the advice that should be followed when installing our different solutions.

For your decking project

The estimated installation time, once the structure has been built, is 4 m²/hour with 2 people.

Further steps

For your fence project

The estimated time required to install a fence, with 2 people, is: 5.4 linear metres/hour if using post supports, and 3.6 linear metres/hour if using posts embedded in concrete.

Further steps

For your cladding project

Further steps


Maintaining your project 

Any product for outdoor use is subject to harsh conditions (bad weather, UV rays, variations in temperature and humidity).
Regular cleaning helps the product to resist well and last a long time.
Our outdoor design solutions are convenient to use, thanks to user-friendly installation, durability without treatment and easy maintenance. 

Maintaining your decking

Your decking must be washed at least once a year, ideally in the spring. 

 Maintaining your fence 

Your fence must be cleaned at least once a year, ideally in the spring.


Your finished project

Congratulations, you’ve made your project a reality!

We have a few more suggestions for you before you start enjoying your new outdoor space to the full.

Download your warranty

Our products are guaranteed for 25 years!

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