Atmosphere 175 cladding board

made in France & Germany
Product guaranteed
Respect for the environment
20 x 180 x 3600 mm
available in bespoke dimensions via special order, from 1 to 4 m
+ Points

On-trend colours

Stable and durable colour

Rapid installation

Easy maintenance

Installation options

The + points of Atmosphere 175 cladding boards

A new board suitable for many tasks

Our new co-extruded Atmosphere 175 cladding board expands the cladding range and offers even more choice! It’s based on the same technology as our open rhombus board, which has been in use in various installations since 2013, demonstrating its exceptional technical characteristics. Installed horizontally or vertically, its greater width and on-trend colours make it a board that is easy to install and easy to sell!


On-trend colours

With its closed cladding appearance, the board coverage entirely conceals the clip viewed from the front. The outer face has a brushed finish for a natural touch and matt texture. Several exclusive colour shades are available, based on known RALs that are easy to match.

Quick and easy to install

The width of the board (175 mm), which fixes directly to the batten with clips, makes cladding quick to install. A new range of easy to fit finishing profiles is available in each colour.

A durable technical solution

The exclusive co-extrusion manufacturing process and quality of materials used ensure excellent colour stability over time. No saturators, painting, etc., just a wash-down with water - soapy if necessary - is occasionally needed.

Impact resistance is classed Q4(1) (top classification) and high wind resistance is classed V4(2) (top classification) to a height of 30 m(3) for a normal or exposed site; so both are excellent!

Accessories for use with Atmosphere 175 cladding boards

Discover all the accessories to create your composite cladding, available in the 3 colours matching the boards: Rio brown, sun brown and Limewash white.

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