Ecovadis rating: Silvadec wins silver medal!

silver ecovadisEcoVadis certification is a benchmark in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability.

Its main objective is to assess the ethical, environmental and social practices of companies worldwide. It provides detailed assessments based on specific performance criteria, enabling companies to better understand their sustainability strengths and weaknesses.

As an independent evaluation system, EcoVadis aims to encourage continuous improvement in CSR among suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. EcoVadis-certified companies benefit from international recognition and increased credibility with their business partners.

This certification also offers end consumers the guarantee that the products and services they buy come from companies committed to responsible practices.

Through its objective and transparent assessments, EcoVadis helps to build trust within global supply chains and to promote sustainable economic development. By promoting transparency and commitment to CSR, this certification plays a crucial role in building a more ethical and environmentally responsible business future.

In September 2023 Silvadec was awarded a silver medal for its EcoVadis rating.