Installing a base rail

Each composite fencing panel must include a base rail and a top rail. The base rail and top rail have an identical profile.

The base rail is designed for installation with a post support (resting on the post support) or with a concrete footing (resting on the ground or on the concrete block). It provides additional rigidity for the first board, while also protecting it from contact with the ground.
To install, first insert the base rail into the post support opening, in contact with the post.

For an installation with concrete footings, place the base rail on the footing, in contact with the post’s outer wall, ensuring that the rail is facing the opening in the post.

Next, slide the first board into the slot in the post in order to seat it on the base rail.
The base rail can be fixed to the first board in advance with a countersunk Ø4x30 mm stainless steel screw (not supplied), pre-drilling the board to avoid splitting.