Installing rhombus cladding boards using nails or screws

Are you opting to use nails for your open rhombus cladding boards?

Boards can be nailed by hand or with a pneumatic nail gun. In this case, the gap may be different from that created by the clip, but it must never be less than 5 mm. It is then the installer's responsibility to select the insulating membrane correctly, based on the gap and the openwork percentage.

For nail installation, it is essential to set the power of the pneumatic nail gun so that the nail head does not penetrate more than 1 mm into the profile. You need to insert a nail at each intersection between boards and cleats. It is essential to position the nails in the central hollow section. Use annealed A2 stainless steel nails, minimum length 55 mm.
For building sites less than 3 km from the seaside, we advise using A4 stainless steel nails.

These same principles can be followed for installation using screws. However, pre-drilling will be necessary.

  • Find out more; see PU29