Permanent or removable clips

We propose three types of stainless steel clip, all “permanent” concealed fastening systems with different visual effects and usage methods: single fastening clips, butting clips or start and end clips all facilitate the installation of Silvadec® composite decking.

Supplied with screws, the clips are concealed, further enhancing the decking’s appearance.

The single fastening clip and butting clip help maintain a minimum lateral gap of 5 mm between
boards. We advise against using fastening clips from different brands.

We also provide a removable clip for Silvadec® decking.

This can be used:

  • to create access to a component located below the decking (seal, electrical connection block, etc.),
  • to make the decking partially removable by inserting one or two rows of removable clips at regular intervals between 2 boards, instead of stainless steel clips.

For details on installing the removable clip, refer to PU32.

Please note that the removable clip is not compatible with the Silvadec aluminium joist, or with any joist made of aluminium or galvanised steel.