Posts embedded with concrete

Do you wish to embed your posts in concrete?

We advise having at least two people present to perform this operation.

Great care is needed when installing posts in concrete footings. First and foremost, remember to remove protective films before embedding in concrete. Start by digging the footing holes for the posts: holes must be at least 300 mm in diameter and 500 mm deep (in compacted and even ground). However, you may need to dig bigger holes, depending on the type of terrain. (You have sole responsibility for evaluating the size of hole required).

Next, pre-position the posts in the holes. The distance between posts must be 1800 mm. Space the posts at 1797 mm +/- 3 mm, measuring between the centre walls of the posts. A top rail makes a convenient gauge for correct spacing.
It is essential to leave an expansion gap of at least 14 mm between the fence board and the centre walls of the posts (7 mm at each end).
Wedge the base of the posts with stones if necessary. Carefully adjust the verticality and height of the posts relative to the ground.

Lastly, embed the posts into the holes with concrete. While filling the holes, continue to check the post height, plumb (with a spirit level), and the distance between posts. Check the 1800 mm distance as the concrete sets.