Selecting and installing pedestals

Would you like to install your decking on pedestals or piles?

We recommend using Silvadec® aluminium joists or solid wood joists (class 4 treated pine or exotic hardwood), installed according to regulations (see reference standard).

The pedestals must be located along the joists at the following centre-to-centre distances:

  • 90 cm maximum for a private installation
  • 60 cm maximum for a public installation

Silvadec® aluminium joists are compatible with a large number of standard pedestals.

The selection and quality of the pedestals is the responsibility of the installer, and will depend on the clearance height, the total weight of decking to be supported and the slope to compensate.

We recommend using pedestals with brackets enabling the joist to be screwed to the pedestal.

For this, use stainless steel self-tapping screws, ø4 mm, minimum length 16 mm (not supplied).

  • For more information, see PU26