Slip resistance of the Elegance range

What is the slip resistance and classification of our Elegance deck boards?

Tests have been run to determine the slip resistance of our deck boards using the XP CEN/TS 16165 (European Technical Specification) assessment method.
The slip classification is established based on the German standards DIN 51130 (with shoes on) and DIN 51097 (barefoot), or the equivalent French standard NF P 05 011.
(DIN 51097 (barefoot): class C, equivalent to class PN 24 under French standard NF P 05 011).
The results confirm that our boards offer excellent slip resistance when used barefoot and with shoes on.

  • R11 classification: attests to good grip (suitable for communal use, e.g. decking on garden floors, landings with access to outdoor parts of public-access areas, etc.).
  • R12 classification: attests to strong grip (suitable for use on forecourts, outdoor access ramps with a maximum slope of 5% for persons with reduced mobility, outdoor access areas in shopping arcades, or floors of refectories, restaurants and canteens, etc.).
  • R13 classification: attests to extremely good grip (suitable for abattoir or fish market floors).