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Fastening deck boards on removable clips
How to secure your deck boards using our removable clips
Fastening boards on removable clips
Fastening boards on permanent clips
How to install and secure your deck boards The upper surface of deck boards and exposed accessories has a brushed finish, to imitate the appearance of wood and increase grip. The non-brushed surface must not be uppermost.
Removing a board installed with removable clips
Do you need to remove a board that has been fixed in with our removable clip? The clip is designed so that the screw is accessible with a standard Torx T15 bit. Slightly loosen the clip and shift it to position the screw head above the “lock hole”.
Installing an edge board
Edge boards can be fixed with start and end clips. These clips are screwed to the joist from the side or above (e.g. decking edge against a wall). They secure the peripheral boards without exposed screws.
Installing an aluminium corner profile
Looking to install an aluminium corner profile as a finishing
Wind resistance
Our fences can suit any type of ground and withstand strong winds. Our fencing is guaranteed to resist winds of up to 100 km/h. It can be installed up to a height of 1.80 m.
Storing boards and handling fencing boards
We advise you to store fencing components in their original packaging, protected from UV and bad weather. We will not be held liable for any damage to a product that has not been kept in its original packaging.
Calculating the fence height
When securing your fence on post supports, the post height is 1845 mm as a maximum to hold 12 boards. For installation with concrete embedding, the post height above the ground is 1815 mm.
Installing a fence on a slope
If your fence configuration involves a slope, you can use our adjusting spacer accessory. In order to level the boards, an adjusting spacer can be inserted BELOW the base rail of the fencing panel.