Who are we?

We are an SME created in Britanny in 2001, specialising in extrusion and producing wood composite materials for use in outdoor landscaping, in alignment with circular economy principles.

Currently available in deck board, fence board and cladding versions, our composite has been a top choice, tempting clients and transforming itself time and again to suit new uses.
After two decades in business, we have 10000 m² of industrial premises, 3 production sites (in France and Germany), international reach, 100 employees, €42 million in turnover, and we produce more than 1 million m² of composite each year.

Through our mastery of the manufacturing processes and our sense of innovation, we were able to find our place and hold onto it, to the point of becoming today's market leader in France and Europe.

Our composite is the result of a unique formulation, made from 2/3 wood flour combined with 1/3 polyethylene. It has properties that render it highly durable (it is rot-resistant), warm in terms of appearance (as the boards do not fade to grey and are UV-resistant), easy to install and comfortable to use every day.

We are an environmentally responsible company, with research and development activity that expresses our ability to keep innovating.

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