Installing Aluminium fence boards

How to install Aluminium fence boards

Simply insert the boards into the posts from the top. Slide the boards downwards along the grooves in the posts. Stack the boards on top of one another.
You must not glue, weld or screw boards and halfway support profiles to each other or onto the posts. The aluminium boards must descend fully into position in the posts.

For an elegant finish in harmony with your Silvadec® fence, a top rail can be installed above the last board. An optional connector connects the rail to the post.
Insert the connectors on each side of the rail, in the runner provided. Each connector is fixed onto the rail with the headless screw provided (M6x12mm).
Then slide the connector (connected to the rail) onto the post until the rail is placed on the last board.

Unlike the wood composite fence, an all-aluminium fence does not need halfway support profiles between the boards, nor a base rail beneath the boards.
So it is just a matter of inserting and stacking the boards in the posts.

Refer to PU36