Maintenance of wood composite decking

Some top tips for keeping your decking in good shape

Maintenance of your Elegance and Emotion boards

It is essential to wash your Elegance and Emotion decking once a year, ideally in spring, using a long-handled broom and soapy water, which should be warm, for optimum action.

Composite boards are mostly made of wood and are therefore liable to staining, dependent on the product’s environment, its use and your regional climate.
Stains are always on the surface of the board and never alter the structure of the product. Most stains wash off easily with soapy water and a broom. Household stains (greasy) fade naturally if they are exposed frequently to UV and the weather.

The Elegance and Emotion boards yellow temporarily during the first few weeks after installation. This natural phenomenon disappears after exposure to the sun and to the weather, at which point the boards will revert to almost their original colour! This bronzing may last longer if the boards are installed in semi-sheltered or sheltered areas. In this case, if water spots persist, it is possible to speed up their disappearance by using a jet of water and a broom to brush along the length of the boards.


Scatter sodium-bicarbonate-based laundry detergent powder (e.g. "Le Chat Expert®") on the boards, wet the cleaning utensil with warm water, rub the surface, leave to work and rinse with plenty of water.

Maintenance of Atmosphere boards

It is essential to wash your Atmosphere decking once a year, ideally in spring, using soapy water, which should be warm for optimum action.

We strongly advise using a long-handled broom.


  • Do not use high-pressure cleaning equipment
  • Do not use solvent
  • Do not apply staining oil, paint or protective/restorer products.

For full details about taking care of our composite deck boards: consult our maintenance sheets