Mono-extrusion technology

Our Elegance and Emotion boards are manufactured using a mono-extrusion process.

Their special feature

They undergo atemporary bronzing phenomenon when they are first exposed to UV rays.



  • They are dyed in their mass, which ensures long-lasting colour
  • Very natural surface appearance similar to that of unfinished wood
  • They feel pleasant to the touch, even under bare feet for deck boards
  • Their temperature in the sun is similar to that of exotic wood
  • The solid deck boards are as easy to work as solid wood and can be sanded, planed and drilled.

Our mono-extruded boards

The Elegance and Emotion deck boards, plus the Elegance fence boards and sun shade cladding boards, are all mono-extruded.

profilé monoextrudé

Mono-extruded composite profile