Wood composite

Are the Silvadec composite products good for the environment?

Our wood composite boards need no treatment, contain no heavy metals and do not release any toxic products. What's more, their manufacture consumes little energy.

Why choose polyethylene rather than another polymer (e.g. polypropylene, PVC)?

Unlike PVC and polypropylene, polyethylene conserves its properties well over time outdoors.

Is Silvadec® composite resistant to frost and temperature extremes?

Yes. As water absorption is very low, the product is frost-resistant, doesn't deform and doesn't split. It is perfectly suitable at altitude or in places with a large thermal range.

Is Silvadec® composite scratch-proof?

Yes, the tests at the Centre Technique du Bois show a punching and abrasion resistance equivalent to Oak, and any scratches will be reduced when the product smooths over time.

How does the colour of outdoor boards hold up over time? Does the product fade to grey?

Our product does not fade to grey over time; it has long-lasting colour.
A natural and temporary bronzing process occurs with the first exposure to UV, due to the presence of wood flour in the products. This light bronzing fades after a few weeks of exposure. Subsequently, the composite stabilises to almost its original colour and develops a slight patina over time.

Do we need to be careful about splinters?

No. There are no splinters in our wood composite; our product is manufactured with a wood flour base.

Can Silvadec® composite be toxic?

Our product contains no heavy metals and does not release any toxic product.

What is the life expectancy of a Silvadec® composite board?

Our composite is particularly resistant and durable. It is guaranteed for 25 years against termites and fungal growth.

What are the advantages of Silvadec® wood composite compared to solid wood?

A major advantage is that our composite does not require any treatment! All it needs is regular cleaning, whereas solid wood must be regularly treated to last over time. Furthermore, our composite boards contain no splinters, which means safety and comfort for barefoot use. Lastly, our composite does not grey like solid wood. Its colours are durable, and it avoids cutting down trees, thus helping to combat deforestation.

How do I work with Silvadec® wood composite?

Our solid board is worked in exactly the same way and with the same tools as solid wood. It is much easier to work than exotic wood.