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Recycling of cladding
Sun shade profiles: recycling and end of life
About the EPD for cladding
What is Silvadec’s EPD for cladding? We are the first manufacturer to produce an individual EPD for open rhombus cladding made of wood composite.
Atmosphere open rhombus cladding
Presentation and characteristics of our Atmosphere open rhombus cladding boards.
Cladding accessories
Advice for preparing the ground
Ensuring water drainage: On all non-draining ground, you must ensure a slope of at least 10 mm per linear metre, parallel with the joists’ length, for water to run off, while also making sure water does not collect at the lowest point of the decking.
Co-extruded or Mono-extruded | Choosing the right composite board
Our composite deck boards differ in their manufacturing
Temporary bronzing of Elegance and Emotion boards
Have you noticed your deck boards yellowing? This phenomenon is entirely natural and temporary. The Elegance and Emotion boards yellow temporarily during the first few weeks after installation.
Slip resistance of the Elegance range
What is the slip resistance and classification of our Elegance deck boards?
Which deck board is right for you?
Design panels for your fence – options
Customise your fence with our design panels made of powder-coated, Qualicoat®-certified aluminium , available in 3 colours: Anthracite Grey, Light Grey and White.