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Installing and adjusting spacers
Do you need to adjust the level of your fencing boards? You can insert an adjusting spacer under the base rail of the fencing panel to adjust the level of your fence boards.
Inserting solar PV lights
How to install floor lighting on your decking
Installing a top rail on a Gabion panel
Do you wish to put a top rail on your Gabion panel? The top rail must be installed with its kit of two connectors. These two accessories are sold separately.
Cutting an Atmosphere board
Tips? Cutting suggestions for the Atmosphere co-extruded range for decking
Fascia board
Looking for the right final touches for your decking creation? Allow us to suggest the fascia board accessory. Before fitting fascia boards, the fixed deck boards must be trimmed to an even finish using a straight-edge and a circular saw.
Space between boards
How much space should be left between your deck boards?
Installing Glass design panels
How to place a Glass design panel into fencing The glass design panel (opaque or transparent) replaces 3 stacked fencing boards. This design panel can be inserted into the fencing at any height, and must be located between two rails (halfway support profiles, top rail).
Installing design panels with mineral, plant or urban motif
Looking to personalise your fence by
Grooved Elegance deck board
Elegance deck board, smooth