Co-extruded or Mono-extruded | Choosing the right composite board

Our composite deck boards differ in their manufacturing technology:

Mono-extruded composite boards, covering the Elegance and Emotion ranges.

These deck boards are produced via an extrusion process (dyed in their mass), giving them a highly authentic appearance similar to that of natural wood.

They are as easy to work as solid wood; they can be sanded, planed or have their edges removed.

Their temperature on bare feet is comparable to that of exotic hardwood, and they are ideal for swimming pool surrounds or decking.

They are intended for outdoor use and must be subjected to UV rays and weather for their colour to stabilise (a temporary bronzing/yellowing phenomenon occurs).

Co-extruded composite boards, in the Atmosphere range.

These composite boards are made using a special co-extrusion technology that involves covering the wood composite with a protective envelope of polymer material.

Atmosphere decking has exceptional qualities: stable colour (no temporary bronzing) and high resistance to UV rays and stains.

Atmosphere boards make it easy to deal with household stains (when cleaned off immediately), even with light colours. This rot-resistant board is ideal for outdoor use, and also perfectly suitable
for decking placed in sheltered or semi-
sheltered locations.