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Clone of Silvanet safety data sheet
Safety data sheet for Silvanet, the cleaning product for fencing boards and deck boards made from Silvadec® wood composite. View the pdf
Dedicated sales assistant form
Silvadec composite
What is composite ?  It simply means combining two components that are very different but have complementary properties. In the case of wood composite, we combine wood with polymer resin.
Selecting the fixing method for sun shade cladding
The project manager is responsible for selecting the fixing method and the support structure for your sun shade cladding. The weight of the product (3.4 kg/m) and the building’s exterior environment, especially exposure to wind, must be considered when sizing the support structure.
Maintenance of Elegance sun shade cladding
How to maintain your sun shade cladding Like any outdoor building product, the Silvadec® sun shade range must be cleaned regularly. For persistent marks, rinse the boards with plenty of water and brush if necessary.
Recycling of cladding
Sun shade profiles: recycling and end of life
Maintenance of Atmosphere open rhombus cladding