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Cladding accessories
We offer a full range of finishing and installation accessories , available in the same 3 colours as the boards for either uniform or contrasted cladding: Light Brown, Dark Brown and Dark Grey.
Atmosphere co-extruded open rhombus cladding
Choose long-lasting cladding that calls for minimal maintenance!   
Atmosphere 175 cladding board
The + points of Atmosphere 175 cladding boards A new board suitable for many tasks
Accessories to create your cladding
The new Atmosphere 175 cladding board only uses two visible accessories: the end profile and the multifunction corner profile. With the start profile, installation is very simple!
About the EPD for cladding
What is Silvadec’s EPD for cladding? We are the first manufacturer to produce an individual EPD for open rhombus cladding made of wood composite.
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