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Conditions of the 10-year warranty for commercial, professional or public use
For decking, fence and/or cladding, enjoy the benefit of a 10-year warranty on all our composite profiles. Our boards are guaranteed against structural damage caused by fungal and insect attacks  !

Grooved Elegance deck board Colorado brown, 138mm

Elegance mono-extruded deck board, grooved
Timeless design  With its timeless grooved surface and invisible fastenings, the grooved Elegance deck board in wood composite is the quintessential model. It bestows an authentic appeal on your wood composite decking. 
[CIRCULAR ECONOMY] The MORE label – MObilised for REcycling – Achieved again!
Once again, Silvadec has obtained the MORE label. This young European label highlights action by plastic-moulding companies to support a circular economy and to integrate recycled plastic in their production.
Technical data sheets for decking
All the information you need, in one place! To make your task easier, we have provided the technical data sheets for decking in our Elegance, Emotion and Atmosphere ranges. Download the technical data sheet for Elegance decking :
What's new in 2022?
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Silvadec composite
What is composite ?  It simply means combining two components that are very different but have complementary properties. In the case of wood composite, we combine wood with polymer resin.
What is the weight of a linear metre of Silvadec deck board?
Advice for preparing the ground
Ensuring water drainage: On all non-draining ground, you must ensure a slope of at least 10 mm per linear metre, parallel with the joists’ length, for water to run off, while also making sure water does not collect at the lowest point of the decking.
Co-extruded or Mono-extruded | Choosing the right composite board
Our composite deck boards differ in their manufacturing