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Clone of Silvanet safety data sheet
Safety data sheet for Silvanet, the cleaning product for fencing boards and deck boards made from Silvadec® wood composite. View the pdf
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Silvadec composite
What is composite ?  It simply means combining two components that are very different but have complementary properties. In the case of wood composite, we combine wood with polymer resin.
Installing posts on post supports
You can opt to install your fencing on our double-shell post supports up to a post height of 1845 mm, which corresponds to a stack of 12 composite fence boards.
Maintenance of Atmosphere and Aluminium fences
Which maintenance advice is right for your fence? We advise that you clean your fencing at least once a year, ideally in spring, using soapy water, which should be warm for optimum action.
Dirt stains or drips on your fencing
Have you noticed stubborn dirt stains or black drips on your fencing? Dirt caused by atmospheric pollution may be deposited on the surface of your boards.
Recycling the boards
Learn all about how our boards are recycled! As with all household waste, it is forbidden to burn wood composite in the open air.
Replacing a board
Fencing board warranty and replacement? Fencing boards are guaranteed against termite and fungal attack: 25 years for residential use and for 10 years for public or commercial use. This guarantee is limited to the supply of replacement boards.
Maintenance sheet for Atmosphere fences
View the pdf