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Maintenance sheets | Decking, fences & cladding
Conditions of the 10-year warranty for commercial, professional or public use
For decking, fence and/or cladding, enjoy the benefit of a 10-year warranty on all our composite profiles. Our boards are guaranteed against structural damage caused by fungal and insect attacks  !
Clone of Silvanet safety data sheet
Safety data sheet for Silvanet, the cleaning product for fencing boards and deck boards made from Silvadec® wood composite. View the pdf
Atmosphere 175 cladding board
The + points of Atmosphere 175 cladding boards A new board suitable for many tasks
Accessories to create your cladding
The new Atmosphere 175 cladding board only uses two visible accessories: the end profile and the multifunction corner profile. With the start profile, installation is very simple!
Your open rhombus cladding project
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Installation instructions | Open rhombus cladding & Sun shade
Instructions for installing
[CIRCULAR ECONOMY] The MORE label – MObilised for REcycling – Achieved again!
Once again, Silvadec has obtained the MORE label. This young European label highlights action by plastic-moulding companies to support a circular economy and to integrate recycled plastic in their production.
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