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Conditions of the 10-year warranty for commercial, professional or public use
For decking, fence and/or cladding, enjoy the benefit of a 10-year warranty on all our composite profiles. Our boards are guaranteed against structural damage caused by fungal and insect attacks  !
5 reasons to choose and install an aluminium fence
Unsure of the right choice for your fence? Would you like to know more on the assets of aluminium? Good news: we can give you some pointers! Here are our top 5 convincing reasons to choose aluminium when creating your outdoor living space.
What's new in 2021?
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Elegance decking  Emotion decking Atmosphere decking  Atmosphere fence Aluminium fence Cladding using open rhombus boards Creating decorative sun shade cladding
Silvadec composite
What is composite ?  It simply means combining two components that are very different but have complementary properties. In the case of wood composite, we combine wood with polymer resin.
Design panels for your fence – options
Customise your fence with our design panels made of powder-coated, Qualicoat®-certified aluminium , available in 3 colours: Anthracite Grey, Light Grey and White.
Wind resistance
Our fences can suit any type of ground and withstand strong winds. Our fencing is guaranteed to resist winds of up to 100 km/h. It can be installed up to a height of 1.80 m.
Storing boards and handling fencing boards
We advise you to store fencing components in their original packaging, protected from UV and bad weather. We will not be held liable for any damage to a product that has not been kept in its original packaging.
Calculating the fence height
When securing your fence on post supports, the post height is 1845 mm as a maximum to hold 12 boards. For installation with concrete embedding, the post height above the ground is 1815 mm.
Installing a fence on a slope
If your fence configuration involves a slope, you can use our adjusting spacer accessory. In order to level the boards, an adjusting spacer can be inserted BELOW the base rail of the fencing panel.