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Fence installation accessories
Our accessories are made of powder-coated Aluminium, with a sanded finish for improved resistance to impacts and scratches.
Atmosphere co-extruded fencing board
Treat yourself to the comfort of a long-lasting fence with permanent colour Are you aiming to install a stylish fence that keeps its “as new” colour and appearance over time?
Aluminium fencing board
Count on a long-lasting fence in a modern style All our aluminium boards have received the Qualicoat® label, guaranteeing their quality and paintwork that will hold up over time.
Aluminium door
Create secure access that blends right in Elegant and modern, our aluminium door is suitable for two installation types: to make an access secure, or to create an opening in a Silvadec fence. 
Design panels for your fence – options
Customise your fence with our design panels made of powder-coated aluminium , available in 2 colours: Anthracite Grey, Metal Grey.
Composite fence installation instructions (ref. PU11)
Before beginning to install one of our composite fences, please refer to the installation instructions, document ref. PU11 View the pdf #video
Aluminium fence installation instructions (ref. PU36)
Before beginning to install one of our Aluminium fences, please refer to the installation instructions, document ref. PU36 View the pdf
Gabion fence installation instructions (ref. PU33)
Method for including a Gabion panel in your fence. Read ref. doc PU33 View the pdf
Installing posts on post supports
You can opt to install your fencing on our double-shell post supports up to a post height of 1845 mm, which corresponds to a stack of 12 composite fence boards.
Installing composite fence boards
How to install composite fencing boards You simply insert and stack the composite boards between the posts, regularly slotting in halfway support profiles. Do not glue, weld or screw boards and halfway support profiles to each other or onto the posts.