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Elegance mono-extruded deck board, grooved
Timeless design  With its timeless grooved surface and invisible fastenings, the grooved Elegance deck board in wood composite is the quintessential model. It bestows an authentic appeal on your wood composite decking. 
Elegance mono-extruded deck board, smooth
Go for a bold, contemporary design!
Elegance mono-extruded deck board, embossed
Authentic: natural wood feel & style 
Atmosphere co-extruded deck board
Its promise: peace of mind 
Advice for preparing the ground
Ensuring water drainage: On all non-draining ground, you must ensure a slope of at least 10 mm per linear metre, parallel with the joists’ length, for water to run off, while also making sure water does not collect at the lowest point of the decking.
Slip resistance of the Elegance range
What is the slip resistance and classification of our Elegance deck boards?
Choosing an Elegance or Emotion board
The Elegance board is monochrome, which gives you creative freedom! It is available in 4 colours: Dark Grey (Anthracite), Light Grey (Iroise), Dark Brown (Exotic) or Light Brown (Colorado).
Placing non-slip inserts between the boards
How to install our slip resistance accessory, the non-slip insert
Selecting joists
To allow for proper ventilation, boards must never be installed directly on the ground, but on Silvadec® wood composite or aluminium
Selecting and installing pedestals
Would you like to install your decking on pedestals or piles?