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EPD for composite decking
As part of a full-transparency approach on our products, in 2019 we established an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our Elegance and Atmosphere composite deck boards.
Slip-resistance test with shoes on – Atmosphere board
The co-extrusion process used to make our Atmosphere board gives it exceptional technical qualities, and especially strong slip resistance.
Slip-resistance tests
Tests have been run to determine the slip resistance of our deck boards using the XP CEN/TS 16165 (European Technical Specification) assessment method. The slip classification is established:
Cutting an Atmosphere board
Tips? Cutting suggestions for the Atmosphere co-extruded range for decking
Co-extrusion technology
Our Atmosphere boards are manufactured using a co-extrusion process. Their special feature These composite boards have a protective polymer coating that makes them exceptionally strong and durable.

Brushed Atmosphere deck board Cayenne grey, 138mm

Atmosphere co-extruded deck board
Its promise: peace of mind